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Nuestra empresa nace en 2012 con la unión de José Luis Cumplido y Joaquín Aguilar, dos profesionales con experiencia en la industria de producción y envasado de zumo de naranja y aceite de oliva, que durante años han estado en equipos de puesta en marcha y control de calidad de líneas de producción y envasado.

El equipo de El Olivo Global sigue desarrollando líneas de investigación en el campo de la agroalimentación, centrado principalmente en la mejora de servicios al sector de hostelería y restauración. El Olivo Global es colaborador del Campus de Excelencia Internacional Agroalimentario Andaluz (ceiA3) de la Universidad de Córdoba, desarrollando nuevos métodos de medición de AOVE, conservación de las propiedades nutritivas y organolépticas, y desarrollo de nuevos procesos.

      José Luis Cumplido

After being educted as an industrial technical engineer at the University of Cordoba (Spain). José Luis held different positions of responsibility in several olive oil and juice manufacturers. He was a member of the group responsible for implementing an Integrated Administration and Control System for Grupo Leche Pascual, a leading beverages manufacturer in Spain. He was also in charge of daily operations at Refrescos Iberia soft drinks manufacturer and Arteoliva, an olive and food products manufacturer. José Luis is committed to the innovation and development of local products, confident that these natural, high-quality products will help to promote the economic, social and cultural development of these rural áreas. A communications and technology enthusiast with a passion for photography and design, he participated directly in the corporate development of El Olivo Global. Together with Joaquín, his business partner and long-time college friend, he has spent the last two years selecting the best olive oil mills and oils in the región. This joint venture has also been posible thanks to El Olivo Global’s international sales team and the company’s original and innovative packaging solutions.

Joaquín Aguilar

Joaquín obtained a degree in Biology from the University of Cordoba (Spain) and founded BIOTECOR SLU, a leading company in Andalusia dedicated to devoloping and implementing food higiene, quality and safety systems. Más tarde funda BIOCHEK NIGERIA LTD, company of technological development in the sector of the food industry with headquarters in Abuja (Nigeria). With a passion for industrial research and development, he was in charge of quality control mangement at Refresco Iberia, the largest fruit juice and néctar packing plants in Andalusia where he worked hand-in-hand with demanding clients, among them Grupo Leche Pascual, Schwepps, Lidl France, Carrefour and Eroski retailers. Joaquín dicovered his love for olive oil more tan ten years ago when he was training olive growers in the use and management of agrochemicals and sound soil management practices. It was then when he became an expert taster of the local varieties of extra virgin olive oil. Together with José Luis, and in collaboration with the leading olive and olive oil producers of Andalusia, he initiated a Project two years ago to investigate extra virgin olive oil stability, selecting the best oils in the área, developing specific traceability schemes and researching the best packaging systems for extra virgin olive oil.